Adventures in Home Design and Construction – Another project in the works!

We are at it again… 1955 project home in a fab neighborhood!


Anyone who knows me – even just a little bit – knows that I ALWAYS have a project in the works. Friends and family couldn’t believe that we picked up and left our beautiful magazine featured home in “that place” and moved to a house in Phoenix that had already been remodeled. They said that didn’t sound like us… and they were right. We love our little Phx abode but knew it was a stepping stone to get us to this gorgeous desert paradise. The goal had been to take our time, really look everywhere that appealed to us, and make sure we were finally going to buy a home for our family in an area that we truly loved and was centrally located within walking distance to great shops, bars, restaurants, hiking trails, and bike paths. Every house we had bought in the past was far enough away from friends and activities that it was pain in the you-know-what. We have always had to get in our car and drive a time-consuming distance to get where we wanted and needed to be (other than the cute stepping stone Phx house which is also in an awesome location). So that gets me to to the point of this first post. We found a home, closed on it two weeks ago, and have already gotten a decent amount of demo accomplished. This place has a ton of potential. Its in a fabulous neighborhood and was built in 1955 – mid century is my specialty. Now that bad part… it has a had a series of sad remodels (one as recent as 2013) where the finishes and design look like they were done in the mid 90’s. We were hoping for something that was turnkey and gorgeous but that’s really hard to find when you are an architect with a very specific aesthetic in mind. Good thing I love designing and have a husband who’s game for a total redo as long as we don’t have to live in the mess!

Author: modsweetkristen

Obsessive/Compulsive architect, interior designer, builder, maker, and runner with a sweet husband and three rambunctious rescue dogs

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