I’m not going to lie – when we were viewing the house for the very first time I had figured out all of the things I would need to change to be happy living there. The details weren’t fully developed at that time but fell into place shortly after our offer was accepted and we brought our contractor into the space to help us create an estimate that would hopefully fall into our budget. We knew we would have to remodel the house in two phases. The first phase would take care of all the interior needs (and most of the wants) while we live nearby in comfort and then the second phase could happen after we have moved in and save up our remodel funds to turn the carport into a 2 or 3 car garage, create a new driveway, front patio, and backyard fireplace. Because that’s a while out (maybe a year – more or less depending on many factors) the current focus is on the interior design.

I like to change up the design a bit in each house we live in – but our overall mid century modern style and furnishings remain consistent. I consider those elements the sweet frosting for a cake that I like to bake a bit differently each time.

Here are some photos of the inside of the house. Weird three sided island in kitchen, huge and ridiculous jetted bathtub (taking 2/3 of the master bath), French Country style cabinet doors, low ceiling emphasized by the cooktop hood, hall bathroom with mismatched finishes, oversized vanity and a chipped bathtub. The positive things that we are able to work with are the kitchen appliances and the split floor plan.


Author: modsweetkristen

Obsessive/Compulsive architect, interior designer, builder, maker, and runner with a sweet husband and three rambunctious rescue dogs

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