Nothing made me smile more than seeing the tub, shower, and closet interior removed so we could really design the proper layout of the master bathroom and closet. I’m including a photo of the shower that I didn’t include earlier. It looks nice but know that it was built very shoddily and the grout lines were cracked, the ceiling light was not wet room rated AND it was off center (how dare they!) but we are planning to reuse the glass door with new hardware.

I’m including a couple “before” photos below so you can see exactly what the room looked like before demo. Btw, an enclosed toilet room to me is so icky… we are going to remove the door and raise the ceiling. Don’t worry, it still is in a little nook that is way out of sight and will not reflect in the mirror that will be over the vanity.


Author: modsweetkristen

Obsessive/Compulsive architect, interior designer, builder, maker, and runner with a sweet husband and three rambunctious rescue dogs

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