Progress Update – Week 4

I think I’ve been off one week since we closed on the house Feb 3rd (so just over one month ago). The bathrooms are coming along despite the tile in the niches having to be removed since it didn’t follow my design. I’m also a bit bummed they forgot to install the little step/seat in the corner of the shower but I’ll survive. The closet has been drywalled and the ceiling in the master bath has a million patches in it since an exhaust fan and an HVAC vent were removed to align with the new design. I’ll be traveling all week so I’m super excited to see the progress when I get home on Friday. I’m glad Mike will be here as the stand-in PM to make sure it all goes as planned. The next thing I’m REALLY exited to see are the new skylights being installed on the 13th – one week from tomorrow!


Author: modsweetkristen

Obsessive/Compulsive architect, interior designer, builder, maker, and runner with a sweet husband and three rambunctious rescue dogs

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