I love seeing things come together! And I love my super neutral color palate for this house. One thing that makes me crazy is seeing a different set of finishes in each bathroom and this house had it – and they were three different styles! The kitchen will have the same finishes as well – Just a little bit different by possibly changing up the color of the hex tile in the kitchen backslash. Below is a photo of the hall bathroom’s new tub and the new master bathroom’s walk in shower where the old triangular tub surround was.



Because this is my own house and not a client’s I can get away with some very loose sketches – especially since I needed a cost estimate first. And we needed to do some demo to find out was was possible without causing a ton of costly changes (specifically plumbing and electrical). One of our first dilemmas was to keep a bathtub in the master bathroom – or to remove it altogether since we have another full bathroom with a tub. We aren’t bath takers but apparently we are risk takers and decided to eliminate the tub in the master bath, turn it into a nice big walk-in shower and repurpose the existing shower nook to become one long walk-in closet. The existing bathroom is such a silly design with very little circulation space so I’m sure we are going to really love all the new space my design will create. The new, much longer vanity will also be a great change for this room. Below are my original sketches and my quickie CAD plan of the closet design so my contractor can start framing it out tomorrow. We did a bit of demo last week so now we know this layout will work.


I’ll cover the general design in the next posting – this posting is about the “stuff” that is the most fun for me. Generally my professional work surrounds large commercial buildings so I get so excited about all the pretty details when I have a residential project to play with. Our MCM furnishings are pretty funky with loads of bright teal, turquoise, and generous pops of orange. I fell in love with that crazy turquoise color when we expanded our first home in SoCal: Apartment Therapy – Mid Century Home

Many of our original vintage pieces have brass details that I love to compliment with other brushed brass elements (we are so lucky that they are abundant right now since brass has had a bit of a faddish comeback). I introduced some brass elements in the light fixture selection of our last house here: Austin Home Magazine – Past Made Perfect

Rather than doing modern slab cabinets in the kitchen as we have done in the past (we are refacing the existing Kraftmaid cabinets that are in otherwise perfect condition) we decided to go with a “modern shaker” route. I know, sounds like a contradiction but I know they will be great and if we don’t stay in this home forever and ever they will most likely make someone else very happy. Note: we do plan to live here for a LONG time! I toyed with doing a contrasting island color but don’t want to follow every kitchen trend that I’m loving right now but might not like in a year or two. Attached is my design inspiration board mostly peppered with images that I found on Pinterest along with images directly from the websites I purchased the light fixtures from. Oh, and my new Velux skylights are going to be fabulous for bringing in much needed light into the fairly dark kitchen/dining area.