Gosh, it feels like we have stalled a bit but my contractor has been busy at the house about 2 days a week. He has another big project so we kind of get him when he has breaks between other scheduled activities on that home expansion. Anyhow, we have the skylight guy (I contracted him directly) installing our two Velux skylights and at the same time opening the heck out of our kitchen ceiling above the island. We couldn’t raise the ceiling because of all of the ducting, pipes, and funky past remodel framing – but this new operable skylight that is replacing the low hanging hood above the range top on the old island is allowing us to have an opening that is probably around 5 or 6 feet wide by just under four feet. It’s going to really help our kitchen feel so much more airy. I’ve attached two photos – the kitchen (above island) area and the one we had installed in the living room to kick more light into the dark interior. Mike had to move two speakers to get the symmetry right in the living room but these are going to look awesome after they get drywalled tomorrow. Yipee!